If horses could talk, what would they ask for?


How would it be if you could:

  • gain a greater understanding of your horse and his needs?
  • deepen the bond that you share with your horse?
  • have a happier, more responsive horse?
  • learn more about how to keep your horse healthy and ideas for how to help him if he gets sick? 

Well, now you can! 

Join us for this special one-day workshop:

Together we will explore topics such as:

  • basic anatomy
  • diet & lifestyle
  • stress and vices
  • interaction with the owner / rider / carer
  • body language & facial expression
  • health & wellbeing


Discover what makes your horse ‘tick’ and how simple changes can have a dramatic effect on his wellbeing.

Date:             Saturday, 9 April 2016

Time:             0930 – 1600

Venue:          HorseWorld, Keynes Farm, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol  BS14 0QL

Minimum donation: £10      (all proceeds going to The HorseWorld Trust)

Tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch

To book a place please phone HorseWorld on 01275 832425  & mention ‘Robyn Harris Workshop