THE CHAKRA SYSTEM – part 5 of 8


Located in the middle of the chest this chakra corresponds to the thymus gland which is found at the sternum and plays an important role in immunity.

The body parts influenced by this chakra are

  • Ÿ         lungs
  • Ÿ         heart
  • Ÿ         arms
  • Ÿ         hands
  • Ÿ         pericardium

The colour of this chakra is green (or sometimes pink);
its sense is the sense of touch;
its element is air;
its function is love.

The foods for this chakra are vegetables.

When this energy centre is well balanced the individual experiences self-love, joy and inner peace.  They are also compassionate and able to give love to others.  They are comfortable in their relationships and feel a deep sense of gratitude for how wonderful their life is.

If it is out of balance they might suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or lung disease.  They might also be withdrawn, unforgiving or uncomfortable with physical contact.

Having discovered himself as being a member of a family, then a unique entity, separate from ‘other’, and having learned how to exercise his own will, the individual now rediscovers connection with the ‘other’ and with things around him.

This is the middle chakra connecting the lower three, denser energy centres, to the three lighter vibrational energies above.  It plays an important role in healing as this is where the grounded energy from the earth connects with the energy coming down from Spirit.  Light energy from Spirit travels down through the upper chakras to the heart and then along the related energy lines in the arms to the hands and from there to the client.

Our energies can fluctuate during the day, and our chakras can be more or less open in any given situation depending on what ‘pushes our buttons’.

Why not take some time to pay attention to how you’re feeling — whereabouts in your body do you feel tension / pain / ease / lightness?

Are there repeating patterns in your life?  Do they serve you or do they leave you feeling stuck?

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(This post was taken from my article on the chakras.  You can read the full text here)

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