Positive thinking – is it always a good thing? (part 3/4)

Last week I looked at the benefits of being ‘selfish’ but how does this relate back to what I said at the beginning about Positive Thinking?

To me it’s about being open and honest with ourselves and – where it’s appropriate – with those around us.  If you’re having a challenging day, admit it!  Don’t just try to put on a brave face if inside you feel like crying or tearing your hair out.  Instead, explore what you’re feeling and what it’s telling you.  An uncomfortable feeling means that something in your actions or your thoughts is not being true to your deepest self.  Is there a need there that you’ve been ignoring?  How could you do things differently so that you can address the need?

Looking at things this way means that you can take responsibility for your own feelings, and also for addressing them from your own power and wisdom.  Your body really does know what it needs, and you can access this by learning how to listen to the signals that it gives you.

This kind of ‘selfishness’ means that we no longer need to use behaviours to try to get others to meet our needs.  Instead we can take care of ourselves and give permission to others to be ‘selfish’ in their turn.  The wonderful paradox is that we all then have more capacity for unconditional love and support for those around us!

When we can view things from this open, honest, ‘selfish’ perspective then we can objectively look at our thoughts and where they’re coming from.  We can also have a deeper understanding of how they influence our interpretation of events and shape our beliefs.  With this awareness we can explore our thoughts to see which ones serve us, and how we can build on those, and which ones do not serve us.  Becoming aware of the unhelpful ones means that we can start to, gently, interrupt the negative pattern by looking for a thought that makes us feel better and practising that instead.


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(You can read the full article here.)



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