Positive thinking – is it always a good thing? (part 2/4)

In last week’s post I started looking at why positive thinking alone might not be enough.

Instead, I think the answer lies in becoming more aware of:

  • our thoughts and self-talk
  • the impact of what we listen to / read / watch
  • the influence of those we spend our time with
  • the effect that all of these have on our lives

Many of us are now paying more attention to our diet: reading labels, researching ingredients and finding ways to eat more healthily, in order to stay well.  Many also try ‘detoxing’ and ‘cleansing’.  This can bring great benefits but I believe that we need to look at the wider picture.

Changing what we put into our bodies is a good start but we also need to look at the environment in which we live:

  • is it healthy?
  • does it make you happy?


  • do you dread going in to work each day?
  • at the end of the day are you exhausted / stressed / anxious / irritable / frustrated? 


Treat yourself like the beautiful flower that you are.

And if you’re worried that I’m encouraging you to be selfish… I am!  It’s like that thing they always say in the pre-flight safety message:


In fact, if we are not listening to – and providing for – our own needs how can we:

  1. expect anyone else to do this for us?
  2. have anything to give to anyone else?


On the other hand…

If we do take care of our own needs, and do what makes us happy, we will have so much to give!

In next week’s post I’ll look at how this relates to what I said at the beginning about Positive Thinking.


If you’d like to talk about anything that I’ve raised here, please get in touch:

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You can also see more on my website: www.equenergy.com


(You can read the full article here.)


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