A META-Health example – sinusitis (part 1)

As a further example of using META-Health to understand what’s going on in the body, I’ll share with you another personal story.

I recently experienced an episode of sinusitis and it didn’t take me long to get to the bottom of what was going on!  My inner dialogue and vocabulary gave it away immediately, but I will start by looking at the tissue involved and working from there.

In this example, the relevant tissue is the sinus mucosa, the mucus secreting cells lining my sinuses.  The brain relay for this tissue is the cerebral cortex so the themes are smelling (social), evaluation, recognition, or a “stinking” conflict.

The emotions behind issues here are around uncertainty or disgust, with thoughts such as:

  • This stinks.
  • I can’t bear to smell this situation anymore.
  • Something is getting strongly on my nerves.

The META-meaning is therefore:

  • My nose provides me with all the air and information I need.
  • When I don’t like what I smell, I can change it or create a distance.

I realised that I had been feeling jealous of someone and part of me was saying, “This isn’t fair – it stinks“.  This was my UDIN – a situation which for me was:

  • Unexpected
  • Dramatic
  • Isolating
  • and I had No Coping Strategy

which pushed me into the stress phase.  Here my body didn’t want to face (smell) the (stinking) situation and so it started to reduce the cells in my sinuses so that this sense would be less effective.

At this point I didn’t have any symptoms of ill health.  My sense of smell would have been reduced but I was barely aware of it.

In next week’s post, I’ll look at why I started to get symptoms and how my body then went on to get well.

If you would like to know more about how META-Health could help you find the root cause behind a dis-ease so that this can then be cleared allowing the body to return to better health, please contact me:

email:              robyn@equenergy.com

mobile:           07980 669303

Skype:             by appointment only to ensure that I am in the office and available to take your call.  Please contact me to arrange a  date and time


(You can read the full article here)


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