What is ‘META-Health’ and how can it help me get well? (Part 1)

‘META-Health’ is an analytical tool which looks for the root cause behind a dis-ease so that it can be addressed directly rather than just trying to reduce symptoms.  If the cause behind a disease can be identified and released it then allows us to start the journey back to wellbeing.

META-Health sees dis-ease as a process:

In fact, we could call this the process of ‘wellbeing’ rather than of ‘disease’ because it is the body’s natural way of dealing with a particular stress trigger in order to then return to health.

We often look at illness as something ‘going wrong’ with our body, but what if we could turn things around and view it as an opportunity to learn and to become healthier?

Any symptoms that we experience are just our bodies trying to show us that something isn’t working well for them.  When we listen and respond by making appropriate changes then our health benefits.  If, however, we ignore the messages, the body then feels that it needs to communicate more strongly!

In this series of 5 posts I will give an example of a particular ‘dis-ease / wellbeing process’ to illustrate how this works following the diagram above and then I will look at how the META-Health tool could support you in creating a healthier life, whether you are experiencing serious illness, have been suffering from a chronic condition or you’re feeling stuck in some sort of repeating pattern in your life, eg anxiety, depression or stress.

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Alternatively you can see more about what I do on my website: www.equenergy.com


(This post was taken from my article on META-Health. You can read the full text here)

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