Giving Healing Some Horse Power – part 4


Working with horses has taught me that relationship itself can bring healing.

As I mentioned in part 2, trauma can be very isolating.  Our system goes into the ‘freeze response’ and we dissociate from the trauma, pushing it away into our subconscious.  This disconnects us from those painful emotions, which can serve us for a while – after all it is an instinctual survival strategy – but it also means that we are less in touch with ourselves which makes it harder to fully relate to those around us.


In contrast, when we can open up to ourselves and to connecting with others, it can be a very healing experience.

I’ve done this myself – I had previously shut down some parts of my being due to painful experiences in the past and it was through reconnecting with animals that I learnt to let go of the hurt and to gradually accept myself for who I am.  I’m still a work in progress, but it’s the horses that keep me moving forward on the journey.  They are very present and sensitive beings and quickly indicate if I’m slipping back into my masks and pretence.  However if I allow my feelings to come to the surface, their non-judgemental presence enables me to experience the emotion, process it and let it go.  This then brings understanding, acceptance and self-forgiveness so that I am no longer stuck and can move on.


After all, e-motions are just energy in motion.  We are not meant to hold on to them.  They can give us valuable information about how the thoughts we have about events in our lives are impacting on us, but if the energy becomes stuck or blocked it creates dis-ease.

My work with horses has shown me how to hold a space where people are free to express and explore their issues and to look within to find the answers that work for them – the answers were there all along, they just needed to reconnect with that inner wisdom.  As the horses have taught me, it’s more about listening and Be-ing, than Do-ing.  (More about this in part 5.)

If you would like a safe space to explore your issues and discover ways to connect with your inner wisdom and healing then please contact me:


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Taken from Giving Healing Some Horse Power.  You can read the full text here.


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