Giving Healing Some Horse Power – part 2

II. Connection with the moment

In order to achieve the full self awareness I talked about in my previous post I need to ensure that I am fully present.  In other words, am I fully in this moment, or am I thinking about something that has happened (for example the stressful car journey) or something that might happen in the future (is it going to be just as challenging on my drive home?).

As horses are very sensitive to the energy of others, and their body language shows their emotions in the moment, they are a great barometer and mirror to what is going on within us.  They soon let me know if I am bringing any baggage to our connection!  This has helped me to become more aware of my own body and emotions and has also required me to learn ways to release any unhelpful energies.


There are several techniques that can help with this.  Personally I use mindfulness, the Trust Technique™*, breathing and grounding exercises.  These can also help to release any energy or emotions that would be unhelpful in a session with a client or horse.

* You can read more about the Trust Technique™ here.


III. Connection with the client

In order to create a safe space for my client – horse or human – it is important to connect with them.  To do this I need to establish trust, empathy and rapport (more about this in part 3).


This connection is in itself very healing.  When we experience trauma of any kind and we are unable to deal with it in the moment – if we are unable to run away, to fight back or to speak up for ourselves – then, as a coping strategy, we go into the ‘freeze response’.  (This can be either the severe ‘Big T’ traumas such as abuse, or the more everyday ‘little t’ traumas such as feeling hurt by someone’s comment).  This can be a very isolating experience. For example we can feel shame and/or fear that leave us feeling distanced from those around us.  Also trauma is subjective.  What is very upsetting to one person might have little or no impact on another which can mean that we are nervous of sharing our feelings in case they are dismissed or ridiculed.

Offering a non-judgemental connection can in itself be very healing.  It opens up space for the person to be able to explore their feelings more objectively, allowing for acceptance and self-forgiveness.

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Taken from Giving Healing Some Horse Power.  You can read the full text here.

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Giving Healing Some Horse Power – part 1

I’ve been working with a business coach recently which has resulted in me taking a fresh perspective on the work that I do.  It struck me how much my work with horses feeds into, and enhances, my therapy practice with people.  In this series of 6 posts I’d like to explore what I’ve learnt and how this has influenced my work.



I believe that this is key in my work, and indeed in any relationship.

To me, there are (at least) 3 elements to this:

  1. connection with Self
  2. connection with the moment
  3. connection with the client

1 – Connection with Self
In order to be able to fully connect with another, we need to be true to ourselves. If I’m wearing a mask, the horse will think that something is up. Horses don’t wear masks.  They ‘wear their hearts on their sleeves’ and (unless they have shut down due to trauma) they are always clear about their emotions in the moment.

(We might not be able to fully understand the horse’s body language and facial expression but this is something we can learn.  If this is something that interests you, I cover it in more depth in my workshops and in Video 6 of the series available through my website:
If I attempt to hide what I’m really feeling, the horse will become suspicious and nervous.  To him, you only hide something if there is a threat, so effectively I would be signalling that there is some form of danger, therefore putting him on edge.  This, of course, is the last thing I want in a wellbeing session!  I therefore need to connect with myself and become aware of what is going on in my body and my emotions:

  • Am I holding tension?
  • Have I had a stressful journey?
  • Have I recently had an upsetting experience?
  • Do I need to take a moment to release that energy, or at least to acknowledge it?
  • Is this even the right time for me to approach this horse, or do I need some time to deal with my feelings first?

The same is true when working with people.  I need to check in with myself and see if I’m holding any emotion or tension which will affect my ability to focus on my client and to run an effective session.  We, too, can be very sensitive to subtle clues that someone is distracted or not being fully honest with us.  This makes us feel uncomfortable and we unconsciously feel that the person is not to be trusted.

In my work I seek to offer people a safe and non-judgemental space where they can feel free to explore their issues and the solutions that will work for them, therefore it is essential that I ‘show up’ with authenticity and integrity.

In the next post I will look at the other two elements of connection: with the moment and with the client.

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Taken from Giving Healing Some Horse Power.  You can read the full text here.