5 Acupressure Points Every Horse Person Should Know

Red Feather Tack

What more can you do to keep your horse healthy, naturally? Try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM looks at the nature of the horse in relation to its environment. Though horses have a natural ability to adapt to living in paddocks, being enclosed in stalls and fed from elevated feeders, many common equine care techniques can lead to a not-so-optimal balance in health. Acupressure can help.

The goal of practicing equine acupressure is to improve the balance of Chi throughout your horse’s body. Here are five acupressure points that address common issues: digestion, physical flexibility, calming, the immune system, and spinal/hindquarter strength.

5 Key Pressure Points

  1. Stomach 36 (St 36), Leg 3 Mile, is the Master Point for the gastrointestinal tract. It enhances digestive functioning so the body can break down the nutrients from food and herbs, making them bio-available for absorption.
  2. Gall Bladder 34 (GB 34), Yang Mound Spring, is the…

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