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I was recently interviewed by Sue Ellam of Soulfully Connecting.

Sue says:

When the idea for Soulfully Connecting unfolded, I searched far and wide for somewhere that linked all the people that were benefiting the planet and couldn’t find anything.  There are lots of fantastic people and businesses doing wonderful work, but it took me a lot of time and research to find them – they never seemed to hit the mainstream media.  It occurred to me that the corporations and people who are damaging the planet seem to have a very solid network.  If there is an extensive network out there for the people who are trying to repair and/or prevent the damage, then I didn’t have any luck in finding it. Hence the reason that Soulfully Connecting is as large and diverse as it is. Can you imagine what could transpire if people from completely different fields of expertise got together in one place and started to talk and share their skills?  The sky is truly the limit!

Sue has interviewed several people who advertise on the Soulfully Connecting site to learn more about their work and what they offer. You can see our conversation here:

Why not take a look at Sue’s amazing website and see the wide range of amazing people out there.  Perhaps you’ll find someone that you connect with!

Wellbeing through balance and harmony

Do you either own, or care for, a horse who is experiencing some issues: either health, behaviour or stress, related?  Are you feeling increasingly frustrated, trying to do the best for your horse, but finding that nothing so far has quite resolved the problem and allowed you to establish the wonderful, flowing, easy relationship that you imagined when you first got him?

Or perhaps you are feeling under the weather or overwhelmed and this is preventing you from creating the fun and fulfilling relationship you always dreamed of.

This is where I can help.  I offer workshops looking at ways in which you can improve your horse’s health and wellbeing by making small changes to his lifestyle.  I also offer ideas to support you, both in dealing with professionals such as the vet, farrier and dentist, and in looking after your own wellbeing so that you are both physically and energetically in the best place when interacting with your horse.

These simple steps will help you to develop an even deeper understanding of the basic needs of your beautiful animal and how they impact on his health and wellbeing.  We can explore what makes your horse ‘tick’, physically and emotionally because when these needs are met, your horse will be a happier and healthier animal who is more ready and willing to respond to what you ask of him.  It will also mean that he is calmer and therefore safer to be around.  This will open the door to a whole new level of communication between you, enabling you to develop the trust and connection that will bring you even closer.

I also provide personalised packages drawing on various complementary approaches including nutrition, relaxation techniques and energy balancing to support both your wellbeing and that of your horse.

Each of us may have a slightly different understanding of the term ‘wellbeing’.  To me, it is not simply the absence of disease.  I believe that wellbeing encompasses all layers of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The details of how this looks and feels, varies from person to person and can be influenced by things such as gender and culture but, for me, wellbeing is about being comfortable with who you are and feeling confident and capable of dealing with anything Life brings.

When we are well our bodies maintain a state of balance and harmony.  This is known as homeostasis.  If something disrupts this balance we feel dis-ease.  However the body is an intelligent system and it generally knows how to restore its equilibrium.

Although this is a natural process, sometimes our bodies can be overwhelmed, or get stuck in a condition of disharmony.  When this happens we can benefit from support to help ‘kick-start’ the journey back to wellness.

The same is true for horses.  Given the correct conditions they can generally recover from an injury or slight illness by themselves, however they can benefit from a helping hand, particularly if they seem to be taking a long time to heal, or they are struggling to recover fully.

Our modern world has come to believe that disease is a ‘mistake’ of some kind, and that it is to be feared and avoided wherever possible, however I believe that dis-ease has a purpose.  It comes from our body’s response to something that isn’t working for us and, if we explore the nature of the disease, it can lead us to identifying the trigger(s) and thus dealing with the issue and making any necessary changes in order to return to our natural state of balance and harmony.

The lifestyle of many domestic horses is often very different from that of their wild cousins.  This puts stress on the horse’s system which in turn can compromise their ability to maintain wellbeing.  Dr Gustafson, an equine veterinarian and veterinary behaviourist believes that in order for a horse to heal it needs a well managed programme of “forage, friendship, and locomotion.” (How Horses Heal: Restorative healing in Equus caballus)

Horses are prey animals who have evolved to survive by being able to quickly detect danger and then to run away from it, therefore being in a small enclosed stable is actually stressful for them.  They are herd animals who need the company and security of other horses around them.  Being alone is an unnatural and unpleasant experience for a horse.

Diet too, is very important in keeping a horse healthy, just as it is with us.  Unfortunately many of the commercial feeds, and even pasture grasses and hay, have a high sugar content and are full of chemicals (such as pesticides and mould inhibitors).  These all have an impact on the horse’s metabolism and health.

Every living thing is made up of energy which can be measured and even photographed (using Kirlian photography).

kirlian leaf

Kirlian photo of a Coleus leaf 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not Philosophy, this is Physics”
Albert Einstein

The energy healing*  that I offer aims to work with this life-force energy on many levels: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.  This makes it very powerful and yet it has no negative side effects.  It works by bringing the body into a very peaceful and open state, allowing its natural healing processes to work effectively.

Our cells have an inner ‘blueprint’ of how they are supposed to behave.  If the skin is torn or a bone gets broken, the body knows how to repair the damaged cells, returning the injured area to its original state. When the body is stressed , however, it goes into ‘flight or fright’ mode and is unable to give its energy to restoration and repair.   Instead it produces hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol preparing it for attack or escape, distracting it from maintaining the healthy blueprint.  Energy healing helps to redirect the body’s energies back to recreating its state of wellbeing.

When working with a horse I will start by gathering some information about his history and environment.  During a healing session I will first observe the horse and then focus on becoming still and lowering my energies, inviting him to join me in that quiet space.  I pay attention to his body language and facial expression to see if these tell me anything about how he is feeling, or tensions that he is holding.  If the horse is happy for me to begin working with his energy I will see if he is willing for me to approach him, or if he prefers for me to keep some distance away.  Working from a distance I will continue to be ‘present’ and allow the horse to feel that stillness and the sense of being in a safe space, while observing his responses.

If the horse is happy for me to approach him, I will start by connecting at his shoulder on his near-side.  This corresponds with his brachial chakra (energy centre).

animal chakras

Having established this connection I will then place my hands on, or near, various parts of the body feeling for changes in tension and energy, and watching the horse’s reaction.  I will also see if the horse appears to request healing in any particular area by, for example, the way in which he positions himself under my hands, or by looking at a part of his body.  In addition, I watch for signs of releasing such as yawning, stretching, licking and chewing, lowering the head, or a softening of the eyes or muzzle.

sam yawning

During this process I always allow the horse to lead.  If they decide that they want healing in another area, they need to take time out to process the experience or they want to end the session then I will listen to that request.

Following the healing I will discuss anything I have found and explore possible ways of supporting you and your horse towards greater wellbeing, balance and connection.

I can also offer you a healing session, either using my folding chair, or at my healing room in north Bristol:

cabin      healing 1

Energy Healing:

  • involves the transfer of natural energy
  • relaxes and re-energises
  • stimulates self-healing ability
  • is non-invasive — there is no physical manipulation or massage involved.  Only a light touch is used

It can be used to support many issues including:

  • the immune system
  • cell repair
  • detoxification
  • enzyme function
  • oxygen uptake
  • absorption of nutrients
  • wound repair
  • pain relief
  • balancing
  • release of endorphins
  • a sense of wellbeing and calm

However please be aware that it does not

  • diagnose illnesses
  • prescribe medication
  • promise any particular outcome or cure

(*Healing in this context, can be defined as: regaining balance of mind,  body and / or emotions.  It is a complementary therapy, working alongside conventional medicine.)

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